Gammel Keeps ULM Bloodlines Going

Buckeye punter Caleb Gammel says when it comes to finding a school, he found it all in Monroe with ULM.

When it comes to finding a school, Buckeye punter Caleb Gammell says his whole family attended ULM and he plans to keep the tradition going.

"My dad played for then NLU back in 85-89", said Caleb. My grandfather as well as my uncles all attended ULM. It's a family school".

"ULM already knew about me but asked me to come to one of their camps. Coach Farmer told me that they liked everything about me so they offered me a scholarship. Its a huge relief for me knowing I can enjoy my senior season and my future is already waiting for me".

Caleb carries a 4.0 GPA and scored a 23 on his ACT. "I like both the Aviation and Kinesiology majors at ULM", said Gammel.

Caleb was getting interest from several in and out of state schools. "People keep telling me that I should go to a big school and that I can play in a big conference but that's not who I am. If I would have chose to go to a larger school I would have chose for the wrong reasons".

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