Reed Runs Wild

With an abundance of talent on the field last Friday in the Dutchdown/Lutcher game, one player stood out as the difference-maker in Dutchtown's 28-14 win: RB Effrem Reed.

"We jumped ahead early," said Effrem Reed, who ran for just under 170 yards on 32 carries and three TDs (to go along with approximately 50 yards receiving). "We knew they were good and our goal was to keep (four-star WR) Jarvis Landry (LSU commit) on the sidelines as much as possible.

"Our offensive line opened holes for me and our QB, Leon Blouin (Tulane commit), proved he could throw the football effectively. We had sustained drives with lots of first downs, and our defense was able to hold their two great players - Landry and (RB) Daniel Taylor - to minimum yardage."

Was Reed fatigued from the number of carries?

"32 carries, that's a lot," he said, "but if it's not broke, then don't fix it. We could tell that their defense didn't like to get hit in the face (with the power running game), and we relied on maybe four plays much of the time.

"When I got the football, my goal was to make the play and stay in-bounds -- keep the clock running. In addition to running back, I lined up in the slot a few times and had a couple of catches that went for big third-down conversions.

"It feels good to be 1-0 after going against a good team like Lutcher. Our defense was all over the field. Landon Collins (LB/S), Aaron Davis (DL), and Cole Harp (LB) - they did a great job. Cole had an interception that sealed the deal; after he picked it off, we turned around and drove 80 yards for a score."

Surprisingly, Reed is still without his first scholarship offer, but hopefully that will change after he shined in front of numerous college scouts last Friday.

"I heard that there were 7-to-10 schools represented at the game," he said, "including Mississippi State and Syracuse."

Dutchtown takes on West Jefferson (1-0) this week.

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