Moore keeps positive

Vincent Moore of River Oaks Academy was on fire through the first two games of his senior season, especially in a monumental win over Washington School in Week Two. Unfortunately, Moore is temporarily out of action after an ankle fracture. What's the timetable for his return? Read further to find out, as well as to get the details on Moore's unbelievable performance in the Washington game.

"I fractured my fibula very early in our last game," said River Oaks Academy senior WR/SS/RB Vincent Moore. "It was on my second touch of the game. I was going for extra yardage after contact and and somebody fell on it. I'm having surgery tomorrow and then I'll be in a cast for a couple of weeks. I should be able to return in 8-to-10 weeks, so if we go deep in the playoffs, I'll be back this season."

Prior to the injury, Moore was having an excellent season, as demonstrated in River Oaks' 27-24 win over Washington School (Greenville, Ms.) in Week Two.

"Washington is the two-time defending Class 3A MAIS state champion," said Moore, "and they're probably the toughest game on our schedule. The game was on a Thursday night - prior to the start of the LHSAA season - and so it was the only game in the city.

"Every kid and parent in Monroe seemed to be there. We set a school record in attendance for that game. We moved the baseball bleachers to the football field and that still wasn't enough; it was still standing-room only, with people lined up all around the track.

"The game was a super-cool experience and we led, 27-9, at the half. After our defense stopped them, I scored a 50-yard TD at the beginning of our first drive. I caught a two-yard out and turned it up the corner.

"We scored again on a QB sneak and then they answered with a touchdown, but on the ensuing kickoff, I returned it 70 yards for a touchdown to put us up, 20-7. I caught a TD pass on a 20-yard post to give us a 27-9 lead at the half.

"The second-half was almost a disaster though. It was like we had expended all of our energy in the first half, because everyone kept going down with cramps and our running back, Teshadi Talton, went out with an injury in the first-half.

"They had a big second-half throwing the football. Their QB threw for 235 yards and two or three TDs in the game, while our offense only gained one or two first downs in the second-half.

"Late in the game, after they cut the deficit to 27-24, they drove to our seven-yard line. On 3rd-and-1, they tried a fade route to the back corner of the end zone. We had packed the line of scrimmage and I thought their WR caught it at first, but it turned out that he was out of bounds.

"On fourth down, they lined up for the field goal and if they would have made it, we probably would have lost the game. They had all the momentum at that point.

"We lined up in our field goal block formation and I rushed from the right side - off the wingback's shoulder. I threw up my hands, dove, and managed to block it.

"The crowd went crazy and it was a huge win for our school. We really made a statement that night."

For the game, Moore ran for 50 yards (and had another 70-yard TD called back due to penalty) and added 100 yards receiving (with two TDs), to go along with 150 return yards (and another TD). And that's not even mentioning his totals on defense, including the game-saving blocked kick.

What's the latest with recruiting?

"I just off the phone with Coach (Rob) Likens from Louisiana Tech," Moore said. "He didn't know about my injury until I told him. He wants me to come to the Tech/Navy game and I'm going to be there.

"Hopefully, the injury won't affect things with schools recruiting me. Most of the colleges wanted me to send a tape with the highlights from my preseason games and my first two games of the year, so I'm going to put that together and send it out."

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