Big Dawg

Stopping the run is the first key to a good defense. Louisiana Tech took a huge step in that direction with the commitment of Malcolm Pichon.

Malcolm Pichon Profile

Just look at his profile:

"Pichon is a perfect fit for playing nose guard with his massive size and the way he clogs running lanes and takes on multiple blockers to free up his linebackers to make plays. He is an effective bull-rusher but also uses some swim moves and stunts to get into the backfield."

Final senior (10-2) stats: 100+ tackles and 5 sacks; bench presses 355-pounds, squats an impressive 700-pounds and has a 25-inch vertical jump.

Pichon is almost immovable for an offensive lineman. At 330 pounds, he is also very athletic. His 25" verical jump shows that he can carry his weight. He already has a 700 pound squat and after a little time in a college weight room, he will easily get that bench press over 400 pounds.

Finding good defensive tackles is hard to do, especially in the South. Louisiana Tech reached into South Louisiana and pulled in one of the best and biggest in the State.

Pichon is a big, big commitment for Louisiana Tech.

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