Gary Lee Sets Visit

Gary Lee, from Victory Christian School in Tulsa, has pleny of options. With several offers in hand, he can play either offensive line or defnesive line.

Gary Lee plays both offensive line and defensive line for Victory Christian. With a young team surrounding him, Lee was not one to take a break. "I don't leave the field," he stated."

Lee's leadership on the field made a big impact on his young team. He is seeking to take his skill set to the next level. When asked which side of the ball he prefers, he said it doesn't matter. "I just love the game of football," said Lee.

Lee stand 6'5" and 285 pounds. He has a 430 pound bench press, a 625 pound squat, and a 305 pound hang clean. With his great size and strength, he also has unusual quickness. he has been timed at 4.84 in the 40.

Lee's quickness doesn't just help him in the pass rush. "I'm able to keep the defensive ends in front of me," he added.

Wyoming, Louisiana Tech, ULM, Arkansas State, and Missourri State have all offered. "ULM is recruiting me for offense, but Coach Lett likes me on defense too," explained Lee. "Missouri State Tulsa said I can play either side. Wyoming wants me for offensive line. Arkansas State said offensive line, but I could play defensive line there. Louisiana Tech wants me on defense."

With previous visits to ULM and Missouri State, Lee visited Wyoming last weekend. He is scheduled to visit Louisiana Tech this weekend. "I like Wyoming a lot," he admitted. "I want to see what Tech has to offer."

Louisiana Tech has been recruiting Lee for a while. "Coach Eggen has been recruiting me since mid-season," Lee added. "He's been to my house three or four times and he's been by my school a few times. We talk a lot. He's one of the coaches I talk to the most. He wants me to be a Bulldog."

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