Focus 2012: OL/DL Buntu Biyana

Buntu Biyana has an intriguing story to tell: the native of South Africa moved to the United States to pursue his love of American football.

"My mother is a doctor and my father is a lecturer in the field of civil engineering in South Africa," said Buntu Biyana. "I moved from there to the USA because I love football. This is only my first year playing football, and I'm pretty agile but pretty raw.

"I think I'm a pretty good defense tackle - a nose tackle. I work the middle and jam the middle. I was in the rotation last year, which was my junior year. I clogged up the middle pretty well, but I had a few weaknesses, such as coming too high when I fired off the ball. At times, I played with good leverage. I used the swim and rip pass rush technique well."

At 6-foot-2 and 280 pounds, Biyana has the size to make for an effective DT on the college level.

"I'm competing in wrestling in the 285-pound class," he said. "In the weight room, I can bench press 225 pounds for five repetitions and my goal is to reach 300 pounds soon. On the squat, I'm banging out 225 pounds for 12 or 13 reps and I can do 300 for four or five reps. I'm going to do some one-rep maxes next week."

With Biyana's positive attitude and enthusiasm - not to mention his size - the sky is the limit for this relative newcomer to the game.

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