Prep Expert's Take: Tyler Porter

Brady Aymond of The Daily Advertiser is a well-known Louisiana prep football expert and the veteran scribe has seen Louisiana Tech commit Tyler Porter in action far more times than any other member of the media. Read further to get Aymond's take on the senior from Northside High School.

"Obviously, I'm happy that Tyler is going to play college football," said Aymond. "He's a good kid, a nice kid, and I believe that Louisiana Tech is getting an absolute steal. If Tyler was 6-foot-1 or 6-foot-2 -- instead of 6-foot-0 -- he'd be a BCS caliber recruit.

"He has all the tools. He's strong, he's solid, he's passionate, he has the footwork, and he has a great motor. Tyler's life has basically been consumed with football over the past several years. He's lived-or-died with nothing but football and he's worked hard."

Aymond was the primary person responsible for selecting the All-Acadiana team, of which Porter was named Defensive Most Valuable Player.

"When we got together to pick the players for the team, there wasn't any discussion about the Defensive MVP," Aymond said. "Everyone knew it would be Porter. That's how far ahead of the other players he was...and there were some good players on that (All-Acadiana) defense, such as (St. Thomas More safety) Sam Scofield (Tulane commit) and (Westgate DL) Duvall Jackson, who will be one of the most-recruited seniors in the state next year.

"Porter was so dominant that every coach said the same thing each week: 'How are we going to block Porter?' A couple of times, I saw Porter get into the backfield so fast that he got to the running back before the handoff arrived. He was almost able to take the ball himself from the quarterback."

Aymond wholeheartedly believes that Porter will succeed on the next level.

"I don't know his star rating, but you can tell a special player," said Aymond. "If Tyler struggles at first in college, he's going to work and do what it takes to eventually get into the starting lineup. I've been watching him for three years, and one thing that separates Porter from other kids is that he handles criticism really well.

"On occasion, he asked for my honest opinion about something and he was open to my response. Many kids don't understand and respond well to criticism. They just shut down. But Tyler is always willing to learn."

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