Are' Signs With Dartmouth

Jordan Are' will get the best of both worlds over the next four years. Read further to find out why...

An Ivy League education isn't an attainable goal for many student/athletes. You must be an elite student to even dream of gaining entry into an Ivy League school, where applicants are many and the acceptance rate is small (more like minute).

Jordan Are, though, is headed to the Ivy League and not merely to study in the hallowed halls and classrooms of the venerable institution. He's also taking his football skills to Dartmouth to suit up on the gridiron for the Mean Green.

"I pretty much fell in love with the school when I visited," said Are', who quarterbacked his Alief Taylor team to a 10-2 mark as a senior. "The people at Dartmouth were very personable and down to earth. Their coaches were very, very excited when I told them that I was going to Dartmouth. The weather wasn't that bad, either. It was only negative-seven degrees when I visited -- better than I expected.

"It came down to Indiana and Dartmouth, and Indiana has great academics, but I have really high expectations. I plan to major in political science, which is called 'government' at Dartmouth, and I want to be a sports agent in the future.

"I'm pretty excited. I've been checking their school website all the time, and I already have a great sense of pride. I'm repping Dartmouth to the fullest."

Are' had a scintillating senior year at Taylor.

"We didn't fully reach our expectations, but we did pretty good," he said. "We fell short against Katy in the regular season and lost to (Houston) Memorial in the playoffs. We didn't reach our full expectations, but we did pretty good.

"I cut down on my interceptions a great deal from my junior year. I had 13 my junior season and only 3 as a senior. I was also more mobile last year."

Are', who threw for 23 touchdowns and amassed approximately 2,500 yards of total offense in 2010, turned down offers from Harvard and Tulsa, among others.

--Greg Powers--

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