Spring Football Notebook 3/12

Louisiana Tech put on the pads for the third practice of the spring. It was a day to bring it and not a day to tread lightly.

Louisiana Tech Head Coach Sonny Dykes got a little fired up in the middle of practice. What he said could be the theme of the day. After a player made a catch, Dykes ran up and let him know that he wasn't satisfied with the play. "Turn it up field!" yelled Dykes. "You can't be afraid in this game."

Jordan Mills, a starting offensive tackle, was aggressive the entire day. Mills got in at least two shoving matches and let the defensive line know that he was there to be reckoned with.

Associate Head Coach Rob Likens, Offensive Coordinator Tony Franklin, Defensive Coordinator Tommy Spangler, and Defensive Line Coach Stan Eggen were all very vocal. The veteran coaches let their players know they were expected to play tough and with maximum effort.

The offensive line seemed to follow Mill's lead. The veteran unit was hitting hard up front and running backs Lennon Creer and Tyrone Duplessis benefitted from the extra space.

Creer, Duplessis, and Ray Holley all ran hard. The defense wasn't about to be shown up. Three different big hits caused the sidelines to erupt and one in particular caused a big pileup of pumped up players. They had to be seperated by coaches and other players, but the coaching staff was certainly happy with the amount of passion both sides displayed.

Myles White continued to be a show stopper on offense. White got behind the defense more than once and left it up to the quarterbacks to get it to him. Eric Harper ran hard and looked ready to show he will be a factor over the middle. Richie Casey made some nice plays.

Jay Dudley and Antonio Mitchum look like a couple of pro prospects on the field. Both players are big and impressive and they move extremely well. It's several months away from opening kickoff, but they certainly look the part.

On the sidelines, Christian Lacey ran back and forth the northwest corner of the field. Brandon Patterson displayed his pushup technique on muscle beach. The two injured players should be able to practice again soon.

New Bastrop Rams Head Coach Thomas Bachman took in practice. He said his team has a few prospects this year and he felt like he has comparable talent to recent Bastrop teams. Denzel Devall and Kyron Thompson are two of the top prospects in the region. Bachman spent a short time on his father's staff at Calvary. He mentioned Calvary's running back Brandon Wilson as a player who could get several big offers if he was able to stay healthy.

NFL Safety and former Bulldog Antonio Baker also was on hand to take in practice.

Colby Cameron and Zach Griffith continued to get the most reps at quarterback. Griffith ran well and seemed to be very decisive and fluid in his movements. Colby Cameron looked a lot stronger than last season and looked like he was ready to be a leader at the quarterback position.

Louisiana Tech
Punt Drill

Lennon Creer
Lennon Creer

Lennon Creer
Creer readyto field a punt

Zach Griffith
Zach Griffith

Colby Cameron
Colby Cameron

Antonio Baker
Former Bulldog Antonio Baker takes in practice.

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