The Truth About Bourque

Internet message boards were rife this week with rumors about Davante' Bourque getting arrested for narcotics. Unfortunately, many people rushed to the wrong conclusion, as usually happens in this day and age. Get the facts about Bourque right here.

"Earlier this month, Davante' had his wisdom teeth removed," began his father, Kirk Landry. "Prior to the appointment with the oral surgeon, Davante' saw his dentist, and the dentist wrote him prescriptions for antibiotics and pain medication.

"Davante' had to get on a waiting list to see the oral surgeon, so there was some time between the two appointments."

And that's when Bourque fell victim to a situation that could happen to anyone.

"There was an altercation between a couple of kids in the neighborhood, but Davante' wasn't involved in it," continued Landry. "The police were called to the area, and they happened to see Davante'. They stopped him and searched him, and he had an antibiotic and a pill for pain medication in his pocket.

"He was visiting his mom at the time, and his prescription bottles were at my house. The police took him downtown, but he was quickly released once they realized what had happened. They dropped the charges the next day."

The negative publicity surrounding the incident has been tough on Bourque.

"We were in Texas last weekend, visiting colleges," said Landry. "We stopped for a bite to eat, and I got online to check a few message boards. That's when I saw that people were talking about Davante' getting arrested. I called him over and showed it to him. He just hung his head and said, 'Dad, they're not going to let me go to college now.'

"I told him that things would be okay, but that this should serve as a lesson for him to completely stay away from the wrong crowd and any potential negative situation. I decided that we needed to go public with the story once people started saying all kinds of untrue things on the Internet."

Bourque has eight scholarship offers and is currently busy helping Crowley's successful track team.

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