LA Tech Introduces Michael White

Michael White has a list of things he wants to accomplish in his first 30 days on the job. First on the list is heading down to Houston to interview potential assistant coaches.

Louisiana Tech announced on Wednesday that Michael White, formerly a player and assistant coach at Mississippi, will be the next head coach for Bulldog basketball.

"I've recruited the southeast for eleven years," said White. "I'm very familiar with this base and I can't wait to continue to attack this recruiting base. And to be involved with every talented student athlete from Dallas to Little Rock, to Shreveport, to Baton Rouge, to New Orleans, to Jackson, to Memphis, to Atlanta, and to be involved with every one of them....recruit them make the best evaluations we can. To find the kids with character, with a blue collar mentality, overacheivers, winners, kids that have been coached.

"My vision is to do it the right way," continued White. "There are overacheivers and there are settlers. We're going to overachieve. We're going to skill develop as much as the NCAA allows us. We're going to be effecient and we're going to get it done. We're not going to quick-fix it, but do it the way it needs to be done."

White talked about how his team will play at Louisiana Tech. "We're going to put a product on the floor that you will be proud of," White said to the fans in the room. "We're going to try to up the tempo a little bit. That's no knock on whats been done in the past, it's what I know. That's what I believe in and that's wat I'll recruit to. Offensively we're going to simplify things a little bit. We're going to play very fast. We're going to let it fly and then we're going to go chase it. There's going to be a lot of freedom. Defensively and the way we're going to rebound are the ways you when championsips. Those areas are black and white."

"Rob Evans is the reason I went to Ole Miss," added White. "I fell in love with Rob Evans. Ole Miss had been to one NCAA tournament in the program's history and Rob Evans led them to back to back western division titles and a 4 seed in the NCAA tournament. He built it. Rod Barnes is another guy, he took the program and one the first tournament game in the history of the school and then took them to the Sweet Sixteen. Those are guys I really look up to."

White said he will implement 90% of what he does on offense based on what Andy Kwennedy does at Ole Miss. He said defensively, he is a Rob Evans-Rod Barnes type guy. He wants to play with aggression on defense and get after people.

Bulldog Point Guard Kenyon McNeaill said White recruited him out of high school and he is excited about the future. McNeaill said he played an up-tempo style and he and his teammates looking forward to playing for Coach White.

"Kenyon is a winner," mentioned White. "Kenyon is talented. I was sold on Kenyon's character and his family. He is one of those no-miss kind of guys."

White is a young coach, but he isn't intimidated. He was an 18 year old starter at Ole Miss and he was a 23 year old assistant coach at Ole Miss. He is used to being thrown to the wolves. He is ready for the next challenge at Louisiana Tech.

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