Lakeshore OL attending Tech JR Day

Louisiana Tech will host a bevy of junior prospects tomorrow, including Lakeshore offensive tackle Pierson Villarrubia. Read further to learn more about the 6-foot-5, 250-pounder.

"I'm excited about getting invited to Louisiana Tech's Junior Day," said Pierson Villarrubia. "I know they have a good program. I've been following them since before Coach (Derek) Dooley left. They have a solid program, and I'm looking forward to checking it out."

Villarrubia is also receiving attention from several other programs, including Tulane, Nicholls State, and South Alabama.

"I want Tulane to offer me," said Villarrubia, who resides on the north shore of New Orleans. "I'd like to represent my city. I'm also invited to Nicholls' Junior Day, and I went to Junior Day at South Alabama last weekend.

"USA's facilites were really, really nice."

Has it been difficult getting noticed at Lakeshore, which is one of the newest schools in the state?

"It hasn't been rough," said Villarrubia. "We have ex-college coaches on the staff, and they understand the recruiting process.

"The recruiting all really started for me a couple of weeks ago. I'm going to Tech with two teammates: Mikal Mazik and Al-Damien Riles. Mikal is a 6-foot-6, 215-pound defensive end who is also a great basketball player. Al-Damien is a freak. He runs a 10.8 in the 100 meters, and his sister runs track at Tulane."

How does Villarrubia describe his game?

"I'm a solid pass blocker," he said. "I'm athletic. I'm the only offensive tackle on our team who can dunk a basketball.

"I do play basketball for the school's hoops team. I have solid explosion off the ball (in football), and I'll hunt somebody down in the secondary to hit. I play until the whistle blows."

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