Pichon: "Want to have a breakout year"

Malcolm Pichon was one of the highest-ranked signees for Louisiana Tech this year, and HereComeTheDawgs.com speaks with the big defensive tackle...

Malcolm Pichon was a jewel in Louisiana Tech's 2011 recruiting class. Only LB Beau Fitte (South Plaquemines) garnered a higher national Scout.com ranking than Pichon, a three-star defensive tackle who was listed as the No. 87 in the country in the final batch of rankings.

What's Pichon been up to since his recent graduation from Salmen High School in Slidell?

"I just left the gym (Cross Gates) a few minutes ago," he said this evening (Tuesday). I was doing some bench press and dumbbells. I already have the strength, and I'm trying to push harder to improve my endurance.

"I want to be able to keep the same strength throughout all four quarters of a game.

"Tomorrow, I'm going to start working out with the team at Salmen twice a day."

What are Pichon's goals for his freshman year?

"I want to have a breakout season and let people know I can play at a high Division One level," he responded.

Which coaches has Pichon kept in contact with?

"I talk to Coach (Jeff) Koonz and Coach (Stan) Eggen," he replied. "They mainly talk to me about staying in shape and keeping my weight down so I can be as effective as possible.

"I'm at 330 pounds right now and that's my target weight, although I'm going to try and come in with a little less weight. That way, I can pack on some muscle when I get to Tech."

Pichon was a media sensation in the New Orleans area this spring when he took his mother to the Salmen Prom.

"My mom wasn't able to go to prom when she was in high school," he explained. "She had to drop out of school to have a baby. I wanted to let her relive that feeling of prom, and she enjoyed it."

Here's what Pichon's head coach at Salmen (Jerry Leonard) had to say about him a few months ago:

"Obviously, one thing that stands out about Malcolm is his size. For us, he was a very special player - one of the best I've been around. He demanded a double-team, but at the same time he was our second-leading tackler.

"He was very active and made a lot of plays for us, and his work ethic speaks volumes about the type of kid he is...he's a player who turns it on when it's game-time...some people didn't think he could make plays from tackle-to-tackle, but they were proven wrong.

"We'll miss him and I know that he'll do great things up there at Louisiana Tech."

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