Jason King Has Offers

Jason King does all the dirty work while star quarterback Fredi Knighten puts up all of the numbers. King does not go unnoticed by the college scouts.

Spring went very well," said Jason King. "I've picked up offers from Arkansas State, Louisiana Tech, Central Arkansas, and Kansas."

"I'm very excited about the recent Kansas offer," explained King. "I've been to the school and I've seen the facilities and I like it a lot. I haven't seen any of the other schools."

King said he plans on visiting the other schools that have offered him. He did have good things to say about Louisiana Tech. "Dirk absolutely loves it," King said about his teammate, Tech signee Dirk Tanner. "I haven't been there yet, but I talk to Coach Likens a lot and he seems awesome. He's very helpful with recruiting, bot only with Tech, but recruiting in general."

Does King talk to Knighten about playing together at the next level? "Arkansas State and Louisiana Tech have both offered Fredi," aknowledged King. "We talk about playing together because we're great friends. Since the schools started coming in and watching us, they are really liking what they see."

King talked about other schools that have been showing interest. "I'll be at Ole Miss this weekend," he added. "They called and said if I come then they think I will have an offer. I'll be at the Arkansas camp because they said the same thing. The offensive line coach at LSU came to talk to me and said he wants to offer me and will let me know when Coach Miles gives him the okay. I plan on visiting many different schools this summer."

At 6'4" 295-pounds, King is a phyiscal presence on the field. He also plays basketball and uses his athleticism on the football field as well. King has helped pave the way for Pulaski Academy's offense to roll up thousands of yards and hundreds of points. You can pretty much bet on the fact he will be doing the same thing for one lucky offense at the college level in the near future.

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