Tech fan needs your help

We need to do all we can to make our house ready for the biggest opener in Tech history.

Here are the four main proposals that will be directly impacted by how much we raise:

1. The stadium shell is exposed and looks like a skeleton which has bothered me when I see what could be done and has been done in other stadiums. Thus 12 giant "Bleacher Backs" are proposed are full graphic color wind screen mesh that are 20 x 12 and contain the two sided(can be viewed from approaching stadium and inside or leaving stadium) graphical image of our top 12 Hall Of Famers like Bradshaw and Roaf.

2. Banner Poles for 20 of the parking lot light poles that are graphical images of on both sides of the post: one for a Tech logo and one for a Tech legend.

3.A contour windscreen fence mesh (graphics and matching color for field blue) for all cyclone fencing exposed within the stadium including along the sides going up the ends of the stadium.

4. Building wrap for walkway leading to field that has "Pathway to A Championship" design on it and matches field blue.

There are several other major things we can do but this is all driven by our ability to raise the money. My firm will make a contribution and has already done some preliminary design draft work that will help us save big money on this becuase these projects would normally be about 40% more than they are in this proposal. This is bare bones.

One important note is that the materials and items developed here have a lifespan of approximately 10-15 years if handled properly. They are not meant to be up year round and require some care. They are also to be taken down in severe weather and following the season to get them out of the elements.

Please help. Please. I alredy have heard from a group of ten or so that will help and this post has only been up for one day or so.

Please go online and donate to Champs:

Please make all checks to: "La Tech Foundation" and in the Memo- "Gameday Experience"

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