Jamel Guyton

Jamel Guyton, a 6'2" guard from Odessa College, visited the Louisiana Tech campus last weekend. BleedTechBlue.com talked to one of his coaches about the visit.

Odessa Assistant Coach Mike Scutero believed the visit went well. "He had a good visit," Coach Scutero noted. "He wants to take a few more days to talk things over with his family and coaches."

Guyton averaged over 18 points a game for Odessa this season and hit on over 40% from three point range. The former Odessa High School star increased his scoring average by 1.5 points over his freshman year and also increased his rebound and assist numbers to 4.6 and 2.1 respectively.

Jamel Guyton is a scorer. "Jamel was a big time scorer in high school," Coach Scutero expained. "He had several games where he scored over 40 points. Once he got here to Odessa College, he really began to work on his all around game."

Odessa College finished the year 27-5. Guyton scored 25 to lead his team to the NJCAA Region 5 semi-finals, where the conference co-champs bowed out to Howard College. The South Plains College Texans beat Howard for the Region 5 championship and then went on to Hutchinson, KS, where they won the NJCAA National Championship.

Coach Scutero offers the championship by South Plains as evidence of the quality of basketball in the Region. "We have some very good teams here and some very highly recruited players," Coach Scutero explained. "Larry Johnson played here for Coach Dennis Helms and he went on to be the #1 overall pick in the NBA draft."

To see how competitive the league was, look no further than the 30-5 National Champions, the South Palins Texans. Odessa actually beat South Plains twice this season and South Plains avenged an earlier loss to Howard when they beat them for the Regional Tournament.

Jamel Guyton is a strong lean to Louisiana Tech after visiting this past weekend. He would bring great shooting and a big time scoring mentality. Guyton works hard in the classroom and is a leader on and off the court. Whatever decision he makes, he has a bright future ahead of him.

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