Bradshaw: Great Ambassador for Tech

Terry Bradshaw is in town for the Brooks-Bradshaw Golf Tournament at Squire Creek Country Club.

Bradshaw sat down with the media today to talk about Louisiana Tech Athletics and why it means so much to him.

"I like what I've seen, I'm excited about it," Bradshaw said. "I am more stoked than I ever have been at what is going on around here.

Bradshaw talked about the changes going on at Tech and that it was going to take the alumni stepping up for Tech Athletics to reach it's goals. "Pride is a very powerful tool that get's people motivated to get involved," explained Bradshaw. "I want to be the voice...I want to actively recruit the alumni and to help get them involved in the plan." The 59 year old Hall of Famer said that the building going on at Tech should make Tech graduates proud to be from their school.

When asked about how he thought Derek Dooley was doing, and what it would take for someone to be both the Head Football Coach and the Athletic Director, Bradshaw was quick to praise Tech's new leader. "It takes someone to get out and lead us, shepherd us, and that's what he's doing," stated Bradshaw. "There's kind of a revolution going on around here and man, I like it....I think it's a good move for our school."

Terry Bradshaw bleeds Louisiana Tech and he badly wants Tech to get to the level that everyone would like. "You have to get your alumni excited about your university," said Bradshaw. "We have the alumni base to get it done, people just have to believe in it."

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