Arizona Celtics to Invade Ruston

The Ruston Showcase basketball tournament starts this weekend. One of the top teams to participate will be the Arizona Celtics led by Head Coach Tommy Hambicki.

"We're leaving Thursday morning and will get to Ruston late that night," the 23 yeard old Head Coach said. "We are excited to come to Ruston and check it (The Showcase) out."

Hambicki has an inspiring story and he uses his past to help influence his players futures. "I didn't get to play college ball because I got hurt after high school," Hambicki explained. "I got into coaching and once I met the kids and saw what I could do, I wanted to give back."

Hambicki was paralyzed after a car accident in 2003. He was coming back from a trip to Mexico just two weeks after leading Gilbert (AZ) High School to the State Championship. Hambicki doesn't let his situation stop him from meeting his goals. He will graduate soon from Arizona State University and he is focused on helping his players reach their own college goals.

"We have three seniors that will be playing with us this weekend and I am trying to help them find schools," mentioned Hambicki. "Danny Carter and John Jackson are both good kids and good players. They are starting to get noticed and a few schools are calling."

The Celtics will bring a total of twelve players to the Ruston Showcase. Most of the team is made up of juniors, the two most known are Nathan Murphy and Elliot Clark. "Nathan Murphy can play the two and the three while Elliot Clark can play either guard spot," said Hambicki.

Hambicki explained how the weekend would go for his team. "We will probably have two teams of six players. Once tournament play starts, we will probably go with just one team."

"We will play as a team. It's hard with new kids coming in every year," said Hambicki. "The High School game is so different from college. We want to develop them for the colege game and give them a higher basketball IQ. We are going to have a fast paced offense, but we have to be smart. We are going to press and push the ball but we have to have quality shots."

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