Bennett is a Bulldog

Taylor Bennett announced today that he will enroll at Louisiana Tech Univeristy.

"I am excited about it; I have already started learning the playbook," Bennett told BleedTechBlue after the press conference. "I can see myself fitting in well at Louisiana Tech and being part of the team. I think I can make friends with the guys, and being a part of the team is the most important thing."

A coaching change led to Bennett's decision to leave Atlanta. "I have the utmost respect and thanks to Coach Johnson," said Bennett. "I didn't feel like his offense was something I wanted to do and he released me to sign with whoever I wanted."

Bennett has had his eye on Ruston for quite a while. "I knew I wanted to go to Louisiana Tech for a while now, but the NCAA didn't release me until Friday," explained Bennett. "I went over and watched a little spring football."

Bennett's mom lives in Hot Springs, Arkansas, and was able to visit Louisiana Tech along with her son back in the early spring. Head Coach Derek Dooley visited with Bennett and his mom at the game.

Dooley had good things to say about Bennett today. "Taylor is a fine young man with outstanding character and leadership qualities. He comes to Louisiana Tech with a tremendous amount of experience at his position, and I am sure that the leaders on our team will welcome him with open arms." welcomes our newest Bulldog, Taylor Bennett.

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