Tech Opens Fall Workouts

RUSTON – Louisiana Tech opened fall workouts Monday afternoon as head coach Derek Dooley divided up his team and put the veterans through a two-hour session during the afternoon before returning in the evening to workout the newcomers.

"I think it's a very typical first day of training camp," Dooley said. "It's a reminder that it's hard, it's tough and of how much work we have ahead of us. You come in and do a great job in summer program of working out and conditioning but really there is no conditioning like going out and playing. It's different. Our guys are much better off than a year ago."

As the thermometer rose to close to triple figures during the afternoon practice, all eyes – and the majority of media questions afterwards – revolved around quarterbacks Ross Jenkins and Taylor Bennett, who will be competing for the starting job along with Steven Ensminger who practiced during the evening session.

Dooley said that for the most part he was pleased with what he saw from Bennett and Jenkins in the afternoon workout.

"Both of them had a lot of anxiety," Dooley said. "We may as well just set a date as to when the next question will be asked about them. We're going to rep them and to roll them and see how they do. There will be days where Ross looks better than Taylor and days where Taylor looks better than Ross. We will see how it shakes out." Bennett, who transferred from Georgia Tech where he started for the Yellow Jackets last season, said he was glad to get back out on the field but was a little surprised by Mother Nature.

"This could be the hottest practice I've ever been through in my life," Bennett said. "I didn't' realize it got this hot down here. For most part I had good day but once again it's just the first day. I had to get the rust off. It completely changes from summer workouts to training camp practice. It's a totally different style.

"Competition is great in anything. Our entire society is built on it. Anytime you have it, it brings out the best. We're all competing. Whoever it is will have earned it."

Jenkins, who is a redshirt sophomore and who has seen action in only one game in his Tech career, said he was also happy to have the competition.

"Absolutely," Jenkins said when asked if there was a quarterback competition. "We're all pushing each other and we will see how it goes. We all want the job so once you step on the field its competition and you push each other."

Tech returns to the practice field Tuesday for a 2 p.m. session as the Bulldogs continue their preparation for the Aug. 30 opener against Mississippi State.

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