Coleby is a Good Fit for Tech

Big Man from Grassroots Canada is on his way to Louisiana Tech.

Dave Telep, National Recruiting Director for, thinks Kadeem's best basketball is ahead of him.

"Kadeem is a kid who is going to play his best basketball in high school," explained Telep. "On his AAU team there was a finite amount of minutes available. He was battling Tristan Thompson (NO. 1 2010) and Dwight Powell (Top 50 2010) for minutes not to mention some other senior mid-major big men."

Telep also likes Kadeem's strength inside. "He's a strong kid who can finish well in the paint." said Telep. "I think he'll be able to defend both positions. Get him the ball, he'll put it away. He's got room and talent to expand his game and keep adding to his skill level. Needs some counter moves inside and the ability to face to mid-range. Like him a lot and this is a strong pick up for La Tech."

Kadeem Coleby has the size and athleticism to develop into a big time player. He is very strong inside and has a very long wingspan. When he played at the Ruston Showcase in the Spring, he got up and down the court really well. He also played strong inside and went hard after rebounds.

Kadeem will make a big impact for the Bulldogs in the 2009-2010 season.

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