Tech's Brown Recovery From Nocturnal Incident

Aug. 20, 2008 RUSTON - Louisiana Tech head coach Derek Dooley is starting to think his team might be a little snake bitten this fall.

Or after the latest incident with senior defensive back Weldon Brown, maybe a better term would be spider bitten.

While most head coaches around the country are concerned about injuries occurring on the practice fields during fall camps, Dooley is more concerned about losing players to injury while they are sleeping.

One week after senior wide receiver Josh Wheeler was injured in a rare sleep walking incident in his dorm room, Brown met his match the night of Aug. 11 when he met up with a creepy crawly while sleeping.

Brown realized his misfortune the next morning when he saw the inflammation left by his nocturnal friend in the quadriceps area on his left leg.

"I realized something had really bitten me," Brown said. "My leg was swelling up, and it was really, really sore."

Brown talked to Tech head athletic trainer Keith Bunch that Tuesday who sent him to see Dr. Shane Phillips, who promptly lanced the area and immediately started Brown on antibiotics.

"I went and saw Dr. Phillips Wednesday after the scrimmage, and he lanced it," Brown said. "The next day they tried to clean it out again, and it was still hurting. It wasn't showing any signs of getting better, and it was actually spreading towards my groin."

Brown said that Dr. Phillips immediately sent him to the emergency room at Northern Louisiana Medical Center and called surgeon Dr. Kerry Byrnes, who performed an incision and drainage of the abscess which had increased in size to about three-inches-by-four-inches.

Following the procedure, Brown spent three nights in the hospital before being released Sunday morning. He has been sidelined while he waits for the area to heal and isn't sure when he will return to the practice field.

Dooley said that he hopes some good will come out of it for his team and for Brown. "It's good and bad," Dooley said of Brown missing workouts. "It has allowed some younger guys to get more reps. Weldon was having a phenomenal camp, his best ever. We are really counting on him to be a big-time player for us this year.

"I'm just hoping he comes back with super spider skills like Spider-Man did after his spider bite. I told him I feel like he'll be able to put a spider-web on the opposing receivers."

Although the last 10 days haven't been much fun for Brown, he said he hopes his head coach is right.

"I hope so too," Brown said of his coach's comments about him developing super spider skills. "That would be a good thing. At least it would have a positive result. I do hope it's my first and last (experience with spider bites). I feel a little better, although my leg is still sore."

In the Spider-Man movies, it only took one spider bite to give Peter Parker his unusual skills which he used for the good of man-kind.

Brown would use his for the good of Bulldog-kind.

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