Parkers Chapel Football

Parkers Chapel moved up to the 3A level this year.

Drew Central defeated Parkers Chapel in a wild game last week. The final score was 56-46 and there were several big plays to go around.

The Trojans won 5 games last year, but the move up to 3A has been tough for the young team. With only 24 players dressed out, several young men had to play both offense and defense.

The game was played at the appropriately named John Gross Athletic Complex. Mr. Gross is synonymous with Parkers Chapel, having been at the school since 1970. Mr. Gross and his imposing presence is only overshadowed by his kind heart and unselfish attitude.

Friday nights in Parkers Chapel would often bring dozens of kids out to the Dixie Food Mart parking lot many years ago. It is very fitting to have football games right across the street from Dixie Food Mart on Friday nights these days. There is a new game in town and it brings the whole community together.

The game was an old fashioned slug fest. Both teams went for the fourth down conversion every time, and the Trojans always went for two points after a score. On kickoffs, both teams went for the on-side kick every time. It seemed as if both teams could not stand the idea of giving the ball to the other team.

Jacob Midyett, a 6'2" 230 pound athlete played quarterback and middle linebacker for the Trojans. Midyett would line up under center and mostly run sweeps to either side. The running back only got the ball to keep the defense honest and Midyett would occasionally throw the ball deep when he caught the defense selling out against the run.

I could not help but envision former Parkers Chapel athletes on the field that night. Athletes such as Malcolm Moore, Jason Pruitt, Demetric Holmes, Mickey Davis, Steven Nelson, and Stephen Jones would have been outstanding football players almost a generation ago.

As much as it seemed out of place in my mind, football at Parkers Chapel was fun to witness and is on the right track. Midyett is a good athlete and should draw interest from college programs next year. While he runs the ball extremely well, he has the perfect size and instincts to be a linebacker at the next level.

Midyett is worth going to see and I am glad that I got to see what Parkers Chapel Football is all about.

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