Army Game

Louisiana Tech continued to struggle on the road. The Bulldog offense never could get going against Army.

On the bright side, the Tech defense really played well. Despite playing on a short field, the Bulldogs held their ground and stood up to a really strong rushing attack. The linebackers were disciplined; they stayed in their positions and made the tackle at the right times.

As well as Tech played against the run, its pass defense looks a lot better today than it had before the game. Going into the game, Tech was giving up over 300 yards a game through the air, now they just give up 265 passing yards a game. Of course, Chip Bowden only completed three of nine passes for 32 yards. Tech fans wanted Army to throw the ball more because they struggled so bad to complete a pass.

Louisiana Tech struggled passing the ball as well. Ross Jenkins was eight of 19 for 84 yards. In defense of both quarterbacks, it was a very wet game. It started raining just before kickoff and never really let up for more than a minute or two. It was miserable for the fans to sit through that type of game and it had to be unbearable for Jenkins. Jenkins didn't play that well, but he was running for his life most of the game. When he did get a pass off, his targets often dropped the ball. Delayed handoffs and inside draws were the play selections of choice for Tech and the Army defense was able to bring pressure knowing they could either get to Jenkins or clog the middle against the run.

Tech, Hawaii, New Mexico State, and Nevada all have two WAC losses and the Bulldogs still have a chance to get in the WAC bowl picture. Fourth place in the conference is not guaranteed a bowl spot, but Tech could have a good chance if they got to that point. It all starts with Fresno this week in Ruston. Fresno barely escaped one of the worst teams in the WAC last week, Utah State, and the West Coast Bulldogs always have a hard time in Joe Aillet Stadium. Hawaii lost to San Jose, Nevada lost to NMSU and Hawaii, and NMSU just lost to Idaho. No team seems to want that fourth spot. Hopefully Tech can win this week and keep pace for a bowl bid. With games against NMSU and Nevada still on the schedule, the Bulldogs could still determine their own bowl fate.

If the offensive line and the passing game don't get straightened out, there might just be one more winnable game left on the schedule for Tech; a home game against Utah State. Derek Dooley got off to a solid start with a 5-7 record in his first year. The opening game win against Mississippi State set expectations a little higher and seven wins and a bowl berth seemed reachable. Tech can still get there, but they really need to win at least one of the next two games against Fresno or San Jose and then come home and beat Utah State. A 5-5 record going into the NMSU and Nevada games will probably be enough to give Tech a chance. With the inability to win on the road being a big problem, the trip to San Jose next week can't be counted on to be an easy win. That makes it all the more important to win this week at home against Fresno.

It's Homecoming week and no one needs to be home more than Louisiana Tech. Come out and support the team and help cheer them on to a successful second half of the season. This game really could turn everything around for Tech.

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