Abrams visits LaTech

L.J. Abrams, from Huntsville, AL, said he is interested in two teams above the others.

"I have offers from UAB, South Alabama, Kentucky, Tulane, and Louisiana Tech," said the 6'6" 318 pound left tackle. "I am most interested in Louisiana Tech and Tulane."

L.J. Abrams, from Bob Jones High School, said Huntsville, Alabama is a high-tech area. A lot of engineers live in Huntsville, and L.J. said he is interested in Engineering and Business. "I want to get out of Alabama," he added. "I have no interest in going to Kentucky either."

Abrams could be protecting Doak Raulston's blindside in the future. The Fort Worth, TX quarterback met Abrams right before Tech's 38-35 win over Fresno State. This was Raulston's second Tech game to attend this season. "I had to check with my coach before I came again," Raulston joked. "We are in the District Championship next week and he wants to make sure I am ready." Raulston's coach told him to go to the Tech game again and focus on the championship when he gets back.

Raulston enjoyed his trip to Ruston. "I had a great time," he added. "All the guys were awesome and it's a great atmossphere."

If Raulston and Abrams decide to sign with the Bulldogs, they can be sure that plenty of weapons will be on their side. Sophomore Philip Livas was all over the field for Coach Derek Dooley and freshmen receivers Houston Tuminello and R.P. Stuart took part in Tech's offensive show. In addition, Lyle Fitte and Sharman Brown are two offensive stars that are already committed to Louisiana Tech.

Another Tech commit, Kendrick James, was at the game as well. The linebacker from New Orleans was at the game with his dad and one of his teammates. Other Tech recruits were at the game with several of their teammates too. Cody Stroud, Bennie Logan, and Casey Henderson were all in Joe Aillet stadium with other players from Montgomery, Red River, and Benton.

Abrams wasn't the only offensive lineman at the game and Raulston wasn't the only quarterback. Nick Partdridge, Nathan Quick, and Matt Sheppard were all there and all three players rank among the region's top big men. Nathan Jolley, a quarterback from Tennessee, made the trip for the second time. Jolley was in Ruston over the summer to participate in camp at Louisiana Tech.

Louisiana Tech is now 4-4 after winning two of their last three games. The Bulldogs are set to make a run at a winning season and a bowl appearance. Recruiting is also at a point to really explode. Brown, Fitte, and James are all big names that recently committed to Coach Dooley. Players like Raulston and Abrams could really put this class over the top and make it the best class in Dooley's short tenure. Coach Dooley has his plan in motion and once he gets his players in place, good things will be in store for his program.

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