Recruiting Doak

Doak Raulston holds 6 or 7 FBS offers. Recently, Iowa State, San Diego State, and Kansas State have been calling for his services. The talented signal caller catches up with while on a school trip to our nation's capital to set the record straight.

Doak Raulston Profile

Are you still committed to Louisiana Tech?

"Yes, 100%"

Who else are you considering?

"No one really. I am about to tell Iowa State no thanks, but other schools are still calling (San Diego State and Kansas State)."

Are you ready for this whole process to be over?

"Yes, very. It is very stressful."

What are you most excited about coming to Louisiana Tech?

"Continuing to turn the team around. I can't wait to be a part of the team, the town, and the university."

When will you be coming to Ruston for good?

"July 8th."

In closing, Doak left with this thought. "After receiving the Iowa State offer I had to take everything into consideration."

It appears as if Doak has taken everything into consideration and wants to be a Bulldog.

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