He's the D.J., I'm the Snapper?

Offensive weapons D.J. Morrow and D.J. St. Julien are already committed to Louisiana Tech. Now the staff turns to other positions that aren't usually mentioned.

One such position is deep snapper. Josh Cuthbert, a 5'11" offensive lineman from Florida will be in town this week in search of a scholarship offer. Cuthbert attended a camp at Louisiana Tech this year. "I have been to tech twice," he said. "I was there once in the summer at camp and also for the Mississippi State game."

Tech is not the only school in the mix for Cuthbert. "I visited USF already," he added. "They want me to come on an academic scholarship and walk on. I visit Louisville next week. I think they may offer on my visit."

"Tech is talking to me about a gray shirt," explained Cuthbert. "It might be a good situation for a deep snapper. Their deep snapper is a senior so I can come in after he graduates. LSU and West Virginia have also talked to me. LSU has a scholarship deep snapper and a walk on so I would have to beat out two guys if I went there. My offensive coordinators brother is a G.A. at West Virginia."

Other visitors are Matt DeGraauw from St. Thomas More and Cody Jenkins from Opelika, AL. DeGrauuw is known in the state as a versatile athlete that can be best described as a pure football player. The 6'2" 220 pound DeGraauw is being recruited by Frank Scelfo as a potential replacement for Anthony Harrison at H-back.

Cody Jenkins is the only one of the three visitors with a Tech offer. The 6'5" 295 pound guard is currently committed to Troy. Jenkins played almost all the time on offense, but could possibly be in town for his potential at defensive tackle.

Deon Simon will no longer be visiting Louisiana Tech. "I couldn't get a trip worked out," Simon said. "I'm going to Northwestern State instead." The UCF commit is still planning to be in Orlando next weekend. Jesse Grandy said he is still planning to be in Ruston on the 30th. Grandy is the only known visitor so far for next weekend. A fourth possible visitor for this weekend could be revealed tomorrow. Check back to BleedTech Blue.com for the latest.

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