Louisiana Tech Builds Presence in State

Mike Dettillier, NFL draft expert and long time football scout, said he has noticed a big change in the structure of Louisiana recruiting.

"I see where the top recruits in Louisiana have landed," said Detillier. "It's such a talent rich state. LSU gets most of the top 15 players every year. Louisiana Tech has laid the groundwork to be that second option. It's unusual to see how they have recruited South Louisiana. They used to recruit North Louisiana, East Texas, and the junior colleges. They are a major player in the Bayou, River, and Orleans Parishes. You haven't seen that in the past.

"It's because of Derek Dooley and the job he has done selling that program," explained Dettillier. "He and his staff have done a great job selling the program. He has hired some really good assistants that know this area and know how to recruit. Terry Joseph used to be the defensive coordinator at Destrehan. Frank Scelfo and Petey Perot do a good job too."

"Tech has gone up against Ole Miss, Tulsa, TCU, SMU, Tulane, and Southern Miss and they have done really well," added Dettillier. "Ole Miss was being mentioned by all the recruits when Ed Orgeron and Frank Wilson were there. Now that they are at Tennessee, the kids don't mention Ole Miss anymore. Coaches move around. Look for Tennessee to really recruit Louisiana even more than they have."

"Now all the recruits that I talk to mention Louisiana Tech," mentioned Dettillier. "Tulane, USM, Ole Miss used to be that second school. Coach Dooley has Tech vying for that spot and they used to never be in the discussion. I believe that Louisiana Tech has the potential to be as good as Boise State because of the talent in the State."

Dettellier said that it is important to get in on the players early. "If your not in there early, your not gonna get them," he said. "SMU, TCU, and Tulsa have a lot of resources and Tech is doing a good job of keeping them out for the most part. SMU has an NFL coach in a big city and it's surprising that they haven't been able to get more players."

"Tech got a steal in Rufus Porter," said Dettillier. "D.J. St. julien is tremendous. Tyrone Duplessis is underrated. I believe he would have had even bigger offers had he not been hurt. Chad Boyd and Jordan Mills had USM offers. USM used to get kids like that because of their proximity to the area. It all changed when players like Tarrence Calais, Phillip Livas, and Kiamni Washington signed with Tech. This was not known as Tech country and now that can put that big stake in the ground."

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