Cuthbert to Walkon

Josh Cuthbert, from Wellington, Florida, said he intends to enroll at Louisiana Tech on Wednesday.

"I had a great time on my visit," said Josh Cuthbert. "I hung out with Thomas Graham, Matt Broha, and Matt DeGrauuw. The visit went really well. I decided to cancel my visit with Louisville." DeGrauuw, from Lafayette, was another visitor in town that weekend.

Cuthbert won't be part of the 2009 signing class. "I will enroll as a preferred walk-on and be part of the travel team," explained Cuthbert. "Thomas Graham is the only deep snapper and if he got hurt, they wouldn't have anyone to step in. After the fall quarter, I can be put on scholarship."

If Cuthbert is put on scholarship after the fall quarter, he will count towards the 2010 class. His situation is similar to that of a grayshirt, except he will enroll in the fall and be a part of the team immediatly. A grayshirt sits out the fall quarter and enrolls in the winter.

With Graham being a senior, Cuthbert will spend his first year as a backup. He will have three years of eligibility after his freshmen year.

A new player expected to sign is Fred Thomas from Lutcher. Thomas is not expected to qualify, but he will sign anyway. His situation is similar to Jimmie Crawford in 2008, who signed with Tech before being placed in a junior college. Thomas was in town this past weekend.

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