Casey Oliverson Profile

Casey Oliverson was a 6'9" freshman center for the Simsboro Tigers in 2008-2009. He was not an ordinary freshman.

"He is way ahead of where he should be," explained Simsboro Head Coach Lance Waldron. "Especially for his size. He has good ball handling and a good shot. His shot is outstanding."

When Waldron heard a 6'9" freshman was transferring in from Idaho, he admitted that his expectations were not high. "I didn't expect him to have such a good foundation," added Waldron. "He's a real tough player and he runs the floor very well. He is not a project. He's still growing. It would not surprise me if he reaches 7 feet."

Mike Oliverson, the father of both Casey Oliverson and his older brother Shawn, agrees. "Casey is 6'8 1/2" in his bare feet. Shawn was an inch shorter at the same age," noted Mr. Oliverson. "Shawn didn't stop growing until after high school.

Shawn, who has a chance to be the starting center as a junior at Louisiana Tech, is now 6'10 1/2" in his bare feet and weighs 25o pounds. "Casey is still 15 and won't turn 16 until September," added his father. "He is already working out and putting on weight.

Casey, who weighs 200 pounds right now, has a strong work ethic and is eager to get stronger off the court. He is also more than willing to work on his game. "He is playing for Louisiana Select's 15U team," said Mr. Oliverson. "We really like Coach Mike Theus and his program. Coach Theus is not in this for himself, he only cares about his players and their development.

Casey not only has a chance to play with a top AAU program this summer, he also plays pickup games with college players whenever he gets a chance. "He runs with the Tech players and holds his own," said Mr. Oliverson. "He wants to play with them every chance he gets."

"For Casey, it doesn't get any better," added his father. "As long as he works hard, he can reach his potential." Casey averaged 12 points and 15 rebounds per game last year to go with 4.6 blocks. Against Spearsville, he had 26 points, 20 rebounds, and 11 blocks. He had 24 points and 26 rebounds against Weston.

Casey also played well against larger schools. He had 10 points and 16 rebounds against Ruston and had 14 points and 14 rebounds against Texas A&M signee Kourtney Roberson and Arcadia.

Oliverson, and his teammates finished 27-11 and won a couple of games in the state tournament. coach Waldron says they will beef up the schedule a little more. "We are playing Minden this year and we are playing in some bigger tournaments," he added. Coach Waldron brings back most of his rotation, including 6'5" Jemichael Jackson. Jackson, a sophomore, led the team with over 16 points per game.

Casey Oliverson really likes Simsboro. "He likes Coach Waldron," said Mr. Oliverson. "He is making a lot of friends. He really enjoys it. It's amazing how athletic the basketball is here. it is raising his game."

The sky really is the limit for Casey Oliverson, for both his game and his height.

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