Port Allen Has Speed

There were a lot of the top regional prospects in New Orleans this weekend, but one player helped his stock more than anyone.

Port Allen Coach Guy Blanchard has some talent on his roster. Andre Hal returned to the Scout.com combine in New Orleans this year after turning heads in 2009.

"Tulane has already offered Andre," said Coach Blanchard. "ULL is supposed to offer soon. Petey (LaTech Coach Perot) wants to check him out too."

Hal, a 5'11" corner, is one of the top corners in Louisiana in the 2010 class. While Hal has been getting interest for a while now, his teammates haven't enjoyed the same exposure.

The fastest 40 times at the combine were between 4.55 and 4.65. This is laser time, so we are talking really fast. Antonio Hebert ran a 4.39. No one else was even close.

"Nobody knows about Antonio," explained Coach Hebert. "Nobody will kick to him. "We try to work him into the offense, but he has been behind some really good players that are bigger than him.

Damion Dixon, a 6'4" receiver from Port Allen, signed with Louisville in 2007. Port Allen had tall receivers in 2008 as well. Hebert, who is 5'9", will get a chance to be a big part of the offense in 2009. "We are going to get the ball in his hands," added Coach Blanchard. "He is going to play a little defensive back for us too."

Antonio Hebert turned heads last weekend and he is going to turn heads this fall as well. Don't think for a second that college scouts won't notice the 5'9" speedster. Louisiana has seen it's share of prep speedsters go on to college and have success. 5'5" Trindon Holiday and 5'8" Phillip Livas are two of the best examples. Speed kills and if you have it, you will find your way on the field.

College Coaches are going to find their way to Port Allen again in 2009. Just turn left at the bridge.

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