Arkansas Native Likes the Razorbacks

Antonio Graves played quarterback for one year at Pleasant Grove. It didn't take long for him to be noticed.

"I transferred from Ashdown, AR," expalined Graves. "We played them in our second game last year. There were no frends until after the game."

Antonio won the starting job in the spring. His transistion was made easier by having C.J. Broades and Deante Reid on his team. Broades signed with Louisiana Tech in February.

"C.J. helped out a lot," noted Graves. "He played mostly defense though. My main target was my God-brother, Deante Reid." ZGraves and Reid are real close and the connection paid off. Reid led the team in receiving in just his first year to play football. "Our arents would like to see us go to school together," added Graves. "We both grew up liking Arkansas."

Antonio Graves is a name on a lot of college coach's radar. "I get 20 letters a day," he said. "Louisiana Tech is my only offer so far. I get letters from Arkansas, UNM, iowa St., Coorado State, and Missouri."

"I want to go to camp at Louisiana Tech, Oklahoma State, and Missourri," added Graves. "I'll probably go to Arkansas four or five times this summer.

Graves is keeping his arm warm by playing baseball. He is a relief pitcher and right fielder. Pleasant Grove is 4-0 in district baseball so far.

Stay tuned for the latest on Antonio Graves and Deante Reid.

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