Byran Jones Profile

Three schools have already offered and plenty more are getting in line.

"He compares in almost every way to Kyle Williams," said Junction City Assistant Coach Brad Smith, who coached the Buffalo Bills star at Ruston High School. "He is probably an inch taller than Kyle and no one has Kyle's motor, but he is just as talented as Kyle."

"You have to double-team Byran," added Coach Smith. "If you don't, you can't handle him. He is 6'2" 300 pounds and had almost 300 tackles in 3 years. He had 14 or 15 sacks this year and caused at least three interceptions by forcing the quarterback to throw it up for grabs."

Jones has played basketball every year until this year. Instead, he is spending extra time in the weight room. "He set a state meet record of 330 in the power clean," mentioned Coach Smith. "He has his bench press up about 50 pounds this year to 390. I expect him to go right past 400 soon."

It was easy to identify Jones early in life. "He's been playing defensive line since he was 265 pounds in the seventh grade," explained Coach Smith. "We didn't allow freshmen to start when he was in ninth grade, so we put him in on the second play of the first game. He has started ever since."

Louisiana Tech, Arkansas, and Ole Miss have all offered the Louisiana native. Coach Smith said he hasn't tried to influence his star pupil. "I told him I wasn't going to give him advice unless he asks," he said. "He's pretty quiet. He needs to make the best decision for him."

Byran Joneshas a trip set up this weekend for a junior day. Check back later to see how his visit goes.

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