Tech's 2010 Class Could Be Heavy on the Line.

Louisiana Tech will sign a small class when it comes to numbers in 2010. However, the class could be made up of several big men.

Louisiana Tech Head Coach Derek Dooley has said before that he likes to recruit a year ahead of his current team. What he means is if he is looking at a certain position, he wants to recruit based on how many juniors he has and not how many seniors are graduating.

The reason is simple. If you are constantly trying to plug holes with recruits, you will never catch up. It causes you to take more risks and more junior college players. Coach Dooley has signed three classes now and has the scholarship numbers back over 80.

Louisiana Tech will have ten senior scholarship players in 2009. The 2010 class will probably have around 18-20 players, far short of the 25 limit. It's a good sign because it shows Dooley has built up the depth on his roster. Coach Dooley will be able to be very selective with who he offers a scholarship. By looking at the players with early offers and by looking at the roster; we can get a pretty good look at what the 2010 class may look like.

Louisiana Tech signed five offensive linemen in 2009. The Bulldogs could sign as many as four more in 2010. Ben Harris is the lone senior, but there will be five offensive linemen who will be seniors in 2010. Players like Charles Barkins, Ashton Duhe, Trevor Murphy, Ryan Zeller, and Kyle Brown already have offers.

Kwame Jordan and D'Anthony Smith will be the two senior defensive linemen for Coach Dooley in 2009. With John White, Randy Grigsby, Mason Hitt, and Ramone Randall all in the junior class; look for more defensive linemen to sign in 2010 with an emphasis on the interior. Elliot Porter, Byran Jones, Churphy Stewart, and Michael Thornton are all defensive tackles with offers from Tech.

Tight End is another position of need for the Bulldogs. With two seniors in 2009, Chandler Smith and Andre Taylor will be the only tight ends left on the roster at season's end. Dakota Mosely is an early offer at tight end.

Tech is obviously looking for a dual threat quarterback this year. It's always a good idea to sign a quarterback in each class. Terrance Broadway, Munchie Legaux, Antonio Graves, and Dominique Sullivan are offers to keep an eye on.

Louisiana Tech's running backs are all under 200 pounds. Toney Davenport and Centarius Donald are two prolific running backs from North Louisiana that could give a different look in the Tech backfield. Both players are at least 6'1" and 195 pounds with plenty of room to add muscle.

Tech loses three linebackers in 2010. The Bulldogs lose two defensive backs in 2010, but they may sign more than two because they have four seniors in 2009. Either way, there are a lot of good prospects in the region for the secondary.

After signing several wide receivers in the last two classes, Tech might not sign more than one wideout in 2010. The Bulldogs have no senior receivers on the roster, but they have one big name to try and replace in 2010. While you can't replace Phillip Livas, Tech will probably sign one receiver in this class.

The 2010 class should be heavy on the lines. It all starts up front and Tech is looking to keep a steady pipeline of talented big men coming in to Ruston.

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