Talent and Technology Go Hand in Hand

With the word that Lennon Creer and Ahmad Paige plan to transfer to Louisiana Tech, the talent level in Ruston has greatly increased.

Change has been a buzzword at Louisiana Tech for two and a half years now. The results are already starting to show.

On the field, The Bulldogs finished with eight wins for the first time since 1999. The wins included the opener at home against Mississippi State and a victory over Northern Illinois in the Independence Bowl.

Off the field, a state of the art video board is under construction. It will be the largest in the WAC and it features the latest technology. Coach Derek Dooley is beginning his third year in Ruston and he has worked hard to enhance the facilities for football. He started with renovating the locker rooms and painting the stadium. Now he has added the video board and installed new chairback seats.

The impovements in the stadium go hand in hand with recruiting new talent. It also goes hand in hand with winning. Winning attracts better players. Facilities attract better players. Better players mean more wins.

The Bulldogs added a great signing class in February. Rufus Porter, Tyrone Duplessis, Doak Raulston, and Jordan Mills are just some of the big names that signed on the dotted line.

Ahmad Paige said the changes that have taken place since he graduated from nearby Sterlington High School is a big reason he decided to transfer. Adding two of the top 150 players in the country from 2007 is a serious talent upgrade.

When the top recruits in the region for 2010 see players like Creer and Paige coming on board, it makes them feel better about Louisiana Tech.

Tech also made big strides in Dallas, New Orleans, and East Texas in 2009. Now we are recruiting some of the same schools in 2010. When you have players coming in as freshmen who can tell their former teammates about the school, it is an added plus for Tech.

The plan is in place and it is starting to take form. Scheduling, recruiting, fundraising, and facilities are all gradually improving. Each one helps the other grow.

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