Dog Blog: Addition by Subtraction?

Louisiana Tech lost two different wide receivers recently after the team struggled in the passing game.

The Louisiana Tech Bulldogs have had a lot of success running the ball the last two years, led by senior back Daniel Porter. At times, Tech has struggled to pass the ball. Whether it's a matter of getting too one dimensional in the play calling, or just the quarterback not making plays, Tech has not been able to get the ball to the wide receivers. First Houston Tuminello left the team. Last week, Adrian Linwood quit the team. His brother, Adam Linwood, was a walk-on receiver that left the team in the off season.

With just four scholarship receivers, Tech looked to be spread thin last week at Idaho. Cruz Williams and R.P. Stuart had to play the entire game after Phillip Livas got banged up in the second quarter. Instead of crumbling, the Tech offense came to life. Ross Jenkins had a great first half and Williams, Stuart, and Lyle Fitte had great games. Williams had two touchdowns and Stuart had six catches. Tight End Dennis Morris was big again, taking another touchdown away from a defender on a jump ball.

If Tuminello and Linwood quit because they wanted more touches, they ended up helping the other receivers do just that. No team needs selfish players only out to help themselves. The Bulldogs need more players like R.P. Stuart, who goes over the middle to make tough catches and also lays vicious blocks on unsuspecting defenders. He puts his body on the line to help the team. Phillip Livas and Daniel Porter have been playing hurt the last few weeks and will not let the team down. The team is coming together through adversity.

The Bulldog Offensive Line also played well after receiving criticism. They protected well for Jenkins and they also got downfield to make holes for the running backs. Jordan Mills and Stephen Warner have stepped in to provide a spark to the veteran unit.

With the offensive line playing better, the quarterbacks and receivers getting together, and the running backs still grinding out yards; the Louisiana Tech offense is showing what everyone knew they were capable of doing with the ball.

Sometimes a team just needs to get rid of distractions and just play football. When the quarterback is able to make plays and not think too much, and he is able to throw it up for 6'3"athletes, it opens everything up for the offense. Dennis Morris and Cruz Williams are at their best when they are able to just go up and get the ball.

One thing is for sure; a team will always play better when the players are in it for each other. Shorthanded or not, these Dawgs are playing together.

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