Big Ten Could HaveSame Dominoe Effect as ACC

When the ACC raided the Big East, it caused major landscape changes across the country. The Big Ten could stand to change even more this time around.

The standard thinking over the last several years was that the Big Ten would add Missouri or a team from the Big East in order to get to twelve teams and things wouldn't change a whole lot.

Going to 14 or 16 teams would change things very much. If multiple teams left the Big East, teams like East Carolina and Memphis would be virtual locks to fill the void.

Other teams like Marshall, Temple, and Central Florida could also be in the mix. If Conference USA lost eastern teams like UCF and ECU, it would give a southwestern look to the conference.

A conference featuring SMU, Rice, Tulsa, UTEP, Tulane, Houston, Southern Miss, and UAB would be a perfict fit geographically for teams like Louisiana Tech, Middle Tennessee, and Arkansas State.

Louisiana Tech fans have long envisioned a conference like this forming. After being passed over in the past when teams like Marshall and UTEP were added, could this be the time Louisiana Tech makes the jump?

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