Bulldogs Beefing Up Frontcourt

Louisiana Tech could be a bigger team when the season rolls around.

With Antwond Roshell and Romario Souza signing with Louisiana Tech, Olu Ashaolu could see significant minutes at small forward. With 6'5" Brandon Gibson returning at shooting guard, Bulldogs Head Coach Kerry Rupp could use a bigger lineup in 2010-2011.

"Romario is a very skilled big man," said Steve Gosar, Head Coach at the College of Southern Idaho. "He's more of a power foward, he can face up from 15 to 17 feet out."

With Roshell coming in at 6'10" and Souza at 6'9", the two players could work out together nicely in the WAC. Souza had a chance to play with Washington signee Aziz Ndiaye at CSI. "They played together some last year," explained Gosar. "Romario passes extremely well, especially from the high post. The plan was for them (Souza and Ndiaye) to work together this year until Ndiaye blew out his knee."

Souza was able to score 7.3 points and grab 4.9 rebounds in 20.2 minutes per game as a sophomore. In a six game stertch in November, Souza scored 12.5 points and 8.5 rebounds in just under 24 minutes per game. Souza shot 55% from the field for the season and hit over 80% of his free throws.

Souza should easily transistion into the WAC. Gosar said his transistion to a new country was not so easy. "It was a huge adjustment," said Gosar. "The game is played differently and he spoke almost no english when he came here."

Oluy Ashaolu should benefit from having Roshell and Souza inside. Ashaolu will be able to use his strength and athleticism to abuse wing players from the small forward position. They will all benefit from playing with senior point guard DeAndre Brown, who really settled into his role as the conference season got going last year.

Tech will bring in two additional transfers to help out in the post. Duece Johnson, a fall signee, should see minutes at power foward.

Stay tuned to HereComeTheDawgs as the signing period comes to an end. Next week should be a busy week.

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