Meet the Cajuns----Dominique Tovell

Now that the 2011 National Signing Day is over, the Cajun Redzone takes an up and personal look at Cajun signees. This week's "Meet The Cajuns" blog is with Columbia(MS) DE/LB Dominique Tovell.

In todays edidition of Meet the Cajuns, we catch up with Columbia MS DE/LB Dominique Tovell. The 6ft 3 235lb prospect took time out of his schedule to talk to us. After taking the time to talk to him, I have come to the conclusion that Dominique is a great kid and a very out going personality.

Whats the thing you are going to miss the most about lining up for Columbia HS?

"Probably playing with and against my friends. Most of the guys I have played with and against in high school are people I have known since I was young. You build friendships that way."

Other than football, whats your favorite sport?

"Baseball and Basketball. I really like to play baseball. I dont play for the high school team because i wanted to concentrate on football, but I like to play for my church league team. I have been playing baseball since I was about 12."

Whats you favorite Pro team and favorite Pro player?

"I am a huge Atlanta Falcons fan. Thats my team. But the player I most model my game after is James Harrison. He is a beast and is my favorite player."

Have you had a chance to decide what you want to major in?

"Yes sir, I am probably going to major in Sports Medicine."

Whats you favorite food from moms kitchen?

"Mac and Cheese." Really Larry Pettis said the same thing. "Yes sir thats some good stuff.(laughing) I also really like Chicken and Dumplings."

When your not playing football, what do you do for fun?

"Just hanging out with my friends. Not matter what we are doing, I am gonna have a good time."

Whats your must have on your IPOD?

"Jay Z. He is my favorite right now."

Who is the best player you have ever played with and against?

"With is a guy that graduated last year named Derrek Bourne. He was a very good player. Against, oh man last year they had me line up at OL against Seminary last year. They had a big DT that gave me fits all night long. Cant remember his name but thats why I play defense."

What position do you feel most comfortable playing?

"Coach Hud said that Tra Johnson was gonna play the Will LB and that I was gonna play the Sam LB. Thats cool to me. Thats where I like to play anyway."

What was your favorite thing about you visit to UL?

"Everybody was just so friendly. They treated all of us like family."

If you had one message to the Cajun Nation, what would it be?

"Lets play ball, thats it."

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