Meet the Cajuns----Mykhael Quave

Now that the 2011 National Signing Day is over, the Cajun Redzone takes an up and personal look at Cajun signees. This week's "Meet The Cajuns" blog is with Gautier HS(MS) TE Mykhael Quave.

In todays edition of "Meet the Cajuns", we get to know Gautier HS TE Mykhael Quave. The 6ft 4 265lb TE prospect took time out of his busy schedule to talk to

Its a pretty cool deal getting to play college ball with your brother. What do you look forward to about playing with him?

"Its gonna be so much fun. It will bring back memories of my Junior and his Senior year."

What are you gonna miss about your HS team?

"Just the fact that we all bonded together as a team."

What is your favorite position to play?

"I really like to play TE."

Who is the pro player you model your game after?

"Jermaine Gresham. He is a really good player."

Whats your favorite sport other than football?

"Basketball, I am a big Phoenix Suns fan."

Have you decided what you are gonna major in?

"Yes sir, Industrial Engineering."

What do you do for fun when your not playing football?

"I like to hang with my friends, and I really like to play the piano."

Whats your favorite food from moms kitchen?

"Oh man, there are too many to name. She always leaves me very full and satisfied."

Whats your favorite song or artist?

"I like all kids of music, alot of different artists."

What was your favorite thing about your visit to UL?

"The city, its just such a cool town."

If you had one message for the Cajun Nation, what would it be?

"I am really ready and really excited to be a Cajun!"

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