Alonzo Harris Pushing Hard for Carries

Freshman RB Alonzo Harris is one of the more highly touted athletes in Louisiana's 2011 Signing Class. The "6-1", 210-pound athlete has made his presence felt in the Cajuns backfield thus far in fall practice. Harris recently spent a few minutes with the Cajun Redzone to discuss his experiences on the practice field this fall.

Alonzo Harris came in to the Cajuns summer workouts as one of the highly touted recruits in the 2011 Class. He's had to make a number of adjustments to college football life, what has been the most challenging to him as a true freshman?

"Probably the summer conditioning workouts," Harris stated. "In high school you work at your own pace, but here in college you really have to push yourself harder to the end. You are working out as a group and you can't simply just walkout when you have had enough, you've got to reach down for something extra and push through it until the workout is done."

With several offers from BCS programs and a national ranking at the fullback position, Harris walked-on campus with a lot of expectations. What is about UL that made him commit to becoming a Ragin'Cajun?

"Really, I wanted to come in and help this program win," said Alonzo. "I also looked at the athletes coming in with me in this class and it's a very good group. With this group of freshmen and the next class, this program will have a solid nucleus of athletes as a base that will challenge for a conference championship in a few years. I wanted to be part of that, turning this program around into a winner."

Has Alonzo Harris found a comfort level yet in Coach Johnson's offense?

"Not yet, there is so much more to learn in a college football play book then there is in high school," noted Harris. "I'm working on getting my footwork right and learning all of the adjustments and audibles in the offense. There are different reads you have to make and you have to pick things up quickly or you can get behind."

Alonzo Harris has made quit the impression over the last few weeks running the ball, but learning the blocking schemes has been a little more challenging then he thought.

"In high school, blocking was really no big deal for me," Alonzo stated. "But in this offense, we are asked to block a lot more then what I did in high school and you can't play if you can't block in college. You have to be able to protect when you are not running the ball, you can't be one dimensional."

While Harris wasn't asked to catch the ball very much in high school, he has done quit well in the Cajuns offense this fall.

"I really didn't have to catch the football in high school much besides the occasional screen pass or swing pass out of the backfield," said Harris. "We had two very good receivers in our offense my senior season, so I really didn't need to catch the ball much in our offense. I still managed to catch over 200 yards and several touchdowns."

If there was one running back that Alonzo Harris wants to emulate or thinks his running style compares to, whom would be that back?

"I would say Adrian Peterson," Alonzo mentioned. I know he fumbles the ball at times, but he really does all the things well and they emphasis holding on to the ball so much here, it's not a problem for me. It is the best in my mind and I want to be able to run that way when I'm given the football."

Considering the way Harris has performed this fall, he could very well become UL's own version of Adrian Peterson.

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