Q&A: Jalen Bates

The 6-foot-4, 240-pound Kaplan (LA) defensive end/tight end has received a lot of attention from several schools, including Texas Tech. RaiderPower.com caught up with the three-star defensive end prospect Thursday night after Kaplan's spring game. Bates answered a series of questions via direct message on Twitter.

Kaplan defensive end Jalen Bates tied a bow on his junior school year by dominating Thursday's spring game with a pair of Texas Tech coaches in attendance.

In addition to an offer from the Red Raiders, Bates holds offers from Alabama, Arizona State, Iowa State, Louisiana Tech, Louisiana-Lafayette, Michigan, Mississippi, Mississippi State, Oregon State, Southern Mississippi, TCU and Tulane.

Bates' hometown, Kaplan, is located in Vermillion Parrish in Southwest Louisiana with a population of approximately 4,600.

Bates answered questions from RaiderPower.com via Twitter on Thursday night following Kaplan's spring game, so while his answers were brief they were also to the point.

First off, how'd the spring game go?

Bates: Dominated. 2 sacks, 2 tackles for loss and 2 catches at TE.

Sweet. I heard Tech was there, coach [Kevin] Curtis and who was the other one?

Bates: Coach [John] Scott.

Coach Curtis has been all over Louisiana recruiting. What's your impression of him and coach Scott?

Bates: They're great people. Them being at the game tonight was like 2 older brothers there supporting me.

Wow. That's pretty cool. How often do you hear from Tech?

Bates: Maybe everyday.

You have a pretty impressive offer list. Do you have a top 10 or top five narrowed down yet?

Bates: No, not quite yet. Texas Tech would be one of my favorites though.

What do you like about Tech?

Bates: The way they play with a chip on their shoulder. I play the same way being from a small town.

I heard you plan on visiting this summer. If so, do you know when?

Bates: Well, I plan on going to the Houston camp sometime in the summer.

That makes sense. Any plans to visit the campus?

Bates: In the season on an official hopefully.

Last question. What other schools are in the mix for you?

Bates: Michigan, Ole Miss, Mississppi State, Arizona State, Louisiana-Lafayete.

Thanks for your time Jalen, I appreciate it.

Bates: Alright, cool.

One more thing I forgot. Tech is recruiting you as a DE, right?

Bates: Yeaaaa and bandit/OLB.

OK, thanks again.

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