Question and Answer with Coach Mike Trahan

Mike Trahan takes time out of his busy schedule to talk to the Cajun RedZone about his new position with Louisiana's Ragin'Cajun Baseball program.

BJ: You're familiar with Coach Robichaux and the Cajun program, what interested you in the position?

Trahan: "It was a dream come true and an opportunity to come home to south Louisiana. I've always wanted to be part of ULL program and work along side Coach Robichaux in Lafayette. It's a program with great tradition and a strong fan base."

BJ: You have coached on several staffs now, McNeese State and Louisiana-Monroe; what is the perception of the Cajun program from those programs?

Trahan: "When you think of ULL, you are talking about a program that has been in more then a few regionals, super regionals and a college world series appearance. They are fundamentally sound, have good pitching and were well prepared. This is a program that has a strong tradition over the past ten to twelve years, and in my opinion one of the top programs in the region."

BJ: Coach, ULM has turned around the baseball program under the present staff, including a regular season Sun Belt Conference Championship in 2008. What has been some of the challenges in re-establishing the program?

Coach Trahan: "ULM had a strong tradition and a very good program under Smoke Laval. Coach Schexnaider put together a good group of guys and we worked extremely well together. That was the focus of Coach Schexnaider, to re-establish the baseball tradition that ULM has had in the past."

BJ: As the recruiting coordinator, you have been able to come into south Louisiana and battle UL for recruits. How did you convince athletes to come to Monroe and play at a program that had not won much in recent years?

Coach Trahan: "Coach Schexnaider and I are both from south Louisiana, so we have established relationships from our previous coaching positions. You start recruiting athletes two to three years out and developing those relationships. We identified those athletes and recruited them hard."

BJ: Having played in the minors leagues, do you feel that background is an asset in recruiting athletes?

Coach Trahan: "Absolutely, most kids dream about playing professional baseball. While I didn't play long, most kids are willing to listen to someone that has played professionally. It certainly gives you an edge in some cases over other coaches."

BJ: Coach, coming into the Cajun program, what are going to be your responsibilities?

Coach Trahan: "Coach Babineaux and I will share responsibilities as hitting coaches. Anthony will move over to the other side of the diamond as third base coach and I will take over at first base. I will take over as recruiting coordinator and, work with Coach Robichaux and Coach Babineaux in identifying recruiting needs."

BJ: Coach, you're coming into the program a few weeks out of the beginning of Fall Ball. With the early signing period approaching in November, what is going to be your approach to recruiting and indentifying prospects?

Coach Trahan: I have some prospects that I've been recruiting, as does Coach Robichaux and Babineaux. We are meeting next week and coordinating our efforts towards the early signing period. I'm not going to shy away from recruiting quality athletes just because LSU, Tulane or Alabama are offering them. They are going to pick off few in southern Louisiana, but we are going to get our share of quality kids."

BJ: Finally coach, in your conversations with Coach Robichaux, what are the goals that the staff is setting for the Cajun program?

Coach Trahan: Obviously, returning to the College World Series is our goal. That should be our goal with the tradition and fan base of this program. I think with some of the improvements in the works, this program has the potential to move to another level. I'm going to work extremely hard with our coaching staff to continue the winning tradition and build upon that tradition."

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