Cajuns Offer White

Kyle White has finally received his first offer of the year from Louisiana's Ragin'Cajuns.

Kyle White has waited patiently for his first offer of the fall and has received it from the Ragin'Cajuns. The 6-3, 300-pound White was just recently named 10-4A All-District First Team defensive lineman, but was offered as an offensive lineman.

"The coaches called and offered me, said White." "They offered me as an offensive lineman."

Does it matter to Kyle White what position he is offered at?

"No, I just wanted the opportunity to play at then next level. I told the coaches I'm willing to play on either side of the ball."

Did White make a commitment to the Cajun coaching staff?

"No, coach told me to take my time and think about it, Kyle said." "They want me to make sure that this is the program that I want to be in for the next four or five years."

With a 360-pound bench press and 600-pound squat, White has the build of a solid Div1 interior lineman. What has coach Hudson told him about playing on the offensive side of the ball?

"Coach Hudson told me that I can come in and work hard my freshman year, White said." "He thought that I have the strength and size to compete coming into the program."

Kyle has had interest from ULM, Louisiana Tech and UCONN; does he have any other visits set at this time?

"I don't have any other visits set at this time, said Kyle." "I'm going to come up to UL on an official visit sometime in December. I like the program a lot right now."

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