McGilvery Looks to Impress

Lafayette's Northside High has the reputation of producing very good athlete's year in and year out. Once again the 2009 version of the Vikings will have a college prospect at the wide-receiver position.

Jereon McGilvery has had to wait patiently for his opportunity behind athletes like Ryan Broussard and Trevor Goodie over the past several seasons. The 6-3, 180-pound McGilvery will have the opportunity this season to be a featured receiver in the Viking offense. A hand full of college football programs have taken notice of Trevor during the spring and have asked for film from last season.

"Tulsa, McNeese St., Nebraska, Texas A&M and ULL are some of the programs that have contacted me,' Jereon stated. "I gave film to most of these programs and planed a few of the camp dates already for the summer.

Jereon has scheduled a few camp dates, but might slip few others if he can.

"I'm headed out to Tulsa with Ernest Andrus the first week of June," said McGilvery. "I spoke to coach Guidry about attending McNeese State's camp and probably LSU as well. I might be able to get Texas A&M and Grambling in there this summer too. Kevin and Trev Faulk also put on a camp every year, so that is one I would like to attend this summer."

Jereon McGilvery mentioned UL, which coach from the Cajun staff visited during spring?

"Coach Mason came by and spoke to me," Jereon said. "He pretty much said that he would be in touch with me and they would be keeping an eye on me this fall."

Does Jereon have preference in the type of offense he would like to play in at the next level?

"No, I really don't care as long as I get the opportunity," McGilvery stated. "I know Tulsa runs five wide outs at times and others are more balanced between the run and pass, so it really doesn't matter."

If Jereon McGilvery gets the opportunity to play college football, does it matter if the program is out of state?

"I don't want to go to far from home, but I wouldn't mind playing out of state," Jereon said. "Most of the programs I'm interested in are not that out of state or from home."

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