Cajuns and Wildcats Mid-Week Notes

Mid-Week notes from the Cajuns sideline with Coach Bustle and Wildcat Coach Bill Snyder.

As the Cajuns prepare for the Kansas State Wildcats, Coach Bustle discussed the upcoming game at Cajun Field this weekend.

On preparing for Kansas State…
"The problem is just not having enough scouting report on them to see how much offense they used against UMass. They've got a lot more film on us than we do on them. We're just going to have to wait and feel them out."

On Kansas State head coach Bill Snyder….
"I didn't know him until we played them once when I was at Virginia Tech. I really enjoyed visiting with him. Last year he wasn't the head coach, but he still took the time to write me a note after the game talking about how far our program had come since the last time we had played them." "I think he gave a very objective look. He's been around the game a lot longer than I have. I have great respect for him and it was a kind note about our football team."

On what a win would do for the program…..
"It gives you a big shot in the arm. It gives you a great measuring stick for what has happened in the last few years. However, it won't mean anything if you don't finish out the rest of the year."

Cajun Injury Report

Antwyne Zanders -slightly separated shoulder
Andrea Sails- has a deep bruise on the clavicle
Richie Falgout- Severe sprained ankle

Kansas State coach Bill Snyder

Coach Snyder's comment on the Cajuns…
"This coming ballgame will be a very difficult trip. We know Lafayette is a very good football team. It was an eight-point game here last year, and I know that thought that they should have won the ballgame. They are a well-coached football team and they play extremely hard. They have very good quickness, as you would expect from a school in the south. I also think they will be a very confident football team."

On Louisiana... "They have a great team. We were reading last week that they had a sellout crowd, so you know that football down there is really important. Last year they were one of the best rushing teams in the country, so we have a lot of respect for those guys and we are preparing for them."

On how the team speed of Louisiana will prepare the team for the Big 12 season…
"You always hope that you can take something away from a previous game that will help you prepare for your conference play and yes it will help us. You try to get your players to play as fast as they can play. I think that's pretty commonly recognized in the coaching ranks. Sometimes when a player is a little slower afoot, if he plays as hard, as smart and as fast as he possibly can, sometimes that can make up for a lack of speed. I think that is what we strive to do for our football team, to try to get our players to play to their maximum speed capacity. That helps to close the gap on the difference in speed. Yes, it does help you prepare, but as I have said, the quickness will be a factor in the game. But its not just offensive and defensive speed, Lafayette utilizes their speed on special teams. They are good on special teams. They use their starters in that department and I appreciate that kind of attitude. That is the attitude that I like to have and you have to appreciate players who play as hard on special teams as they do on offense and defense. There is a great deal of speed on their special teams, more than what you might normally find in a lot of programs."

On the Louisiana heat...
"I think that it is important for our players to stay hydrated. They have to constantly drink fluids. I think that there is a certain mental aspect of it, but you just have to go play. We practiced indoors last night and turned the heat up to about 90 degrees. The temperature and the humidity down in Louisiana will be always higher, but that's part of the game. We can't cancel the trip, we just have to go down there and play."

Kansas State Depth Chart


WR 81 Attrail Snipes 6-1 180 Sr.-1L
OR 7 Lamark Brown 6-3
225 Jr.-2L
LT 64 Nick Stringer 6-6 285 Sr.-3L
70 Zach Hanson 6-8 320 So.-RS
LG 59 Zach Kendall 6-3 297 Jr.-1L
77 Colten Freeze 6-5 290 So.-1L
C 54 Trevor Viers 6-5 284 Jr.-1L
66 Eric Benoit 6-4 294 Sr.-1L
RG 74 Wade Weibert 6-4 290 Jr.-RS
67 Kenneth Mayfield 6-4 320 Jr.-1L
RT 75 Clyde Aufner 6-7 290 So.-1L
71 Ethan Douglas 6-6 295 Fr.-RS
TE 85 Jeron Mastrud 6-6 253 Sr.-3L
80 Travis Tannahill 6-4 240 Fr.-HS
QB 14 Carson Coffman 6-3 212 Jr.-2L
6 Grant Gregory 6-1 210 Sr.-TR
RB 8 Daniel Thomas 6-2 227 Jr.-TR
25 Keithen Valentine 5-8 193 Sr.-1L
FB 37 Braden Wilson 6-4 245 Fr.-HS
49 Lucas Hamm 6-2 240 Jr.-TR
WR 83 Brandon Banks 5-7 150 Sr.-1L
86 Tramaine Thompson 5-8 165 Fr.-HS


DE 90 Eric Childs 6-3 250 Sr.-3L
96 Payton Kirk 6-6 255 So.-1L
DT 95 Jeffrey Fitzgerald 6-4 280 Sr.-TR
50 Hansen Sekona 6-0 230 Sr.-1L
NT 94 Raphael Guidry 6-4 274 So.-1L
97 Chidubamu Abana 6-4 295 Sr.-1L
DE 55 Kadero Terrell 6-2 235 So.-TR
57 Grant Valentine 6-3 240 Jr.-TR
LB 39 John Houlik 5-11 219 Sr.-3L
51 Ulla Pomele 6-1 228 Sr.-1L
LB 56 Alex Hrebec 5-11 238 So.-1L
45 Kevin Rohleder 6-0 217 Jr.-2L
LB 21 Troy Butler 6-1 200 Jr.-TR
20 Courtney Herndon 6-0 211 Sr.-3L
CB 4 Joshua Moore 5-11 184 Jr.-2L
8 Stephen Harrison 5-11 181 Jr.-SQ
S 2 Tysyn Hartman 6-3 207 So.-1L
29 Otis Johnson 5-10 175 Sr.-3L
FS 23 Emmanuel Lamur 6-4 214 So.-TR
5 Chris Carney 6-1 190 Sr.-3L
CB 3 Billy McClellan 5-8 170 Sr.-1L
OR 27 David Garrett 5-9 185 So.-TR


PK 19 Josh Cherry 6-1 183 Jr.-2L
KO 19 Josh Cherry 6-1 183 Jr.-2L
HOLD 9 Ryan Doerr 6-3 185 Fr.-TR
LS 42 Corey Adams 6-4 242 Jr.-2L
P 9 Ryan Doerr 6-3 185 Fr.-TR
10 D.J. Fulhage 5-9 180 Jr.-1L
PR 83 Brandon Banks 5-7 150 Sr.-1L
86 Tramaine Thompson 5-8 165 Fr.-HS
KOR 83 Brandon Banks 5-7 150 Sr.-1L
8 Daniel Thomas 6-2 227 Jr.-2L

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