Game Day Kansas State

Louisiana's Ragin'Cajuns will look to start the 2009 season 2-0 against Kansas State on Saturday night. What do the Cajun's expect from Bill Snyder's Wildcats?

Kansas State comes into the swamp Saturday night 1-0, with a less then impressive 21-17 win over UMASS last weekend. But on further examination of the game, Kansas State dominated on the defensive side of the ball, holding UMASS to just 212 yards in total offense. One offense, the Wildcats rushed for 225 yards, 104 yards coming from the big bruising back Daniel Thomas. Quarterback Gregory Coffman led the Wildcats with 182 yards passing and three total touchdowns. In a nutshell, that is Bill Snyder football.

On defense, the Wildcats seem to have more speed on defense then last years team. K-State held UMass to 212 total yards, including 102 yards through the air, while also holding the Minutemen to just 28 first-half rushing yards. UMass did have a blocked punt that they returned for a touchdown. The cats held UMASS to a messily 3.0 yards per snap and dominated the line of scrimmage. This team will be much better against the run and that will be a challenge for the Cajun offense.

When the Cajuns are on defense….
The Cajuns will face an offense that wants to run the ball with a large line and a bruising back. Coach Fouquir will show multiple fronts and play base defense at times as well. While the Cajuns will be at a disadvantage on defense in the base defense, you cannot be so predictable in show all your packages in the first half. The Wildcats will move the ball at times, getting yards on the ground and using the play action when the Cajuns try to slide down to eight in the box. The key for the Cajun defense will be to make some big plays and create turnovers to stop the momentum or rhythm of the K-State offense. The Cajuns cannot allow the cats to play ball control offense the whole game and wear them down.

When the Cajuns are on offense…
The Cajuns want to run the ball and mix in the pass. The 2009 version of the K-State defense is smaller, but quicker then last season's defense. They want to shut down the Cajun rushing attack that decimated them last season and force Chris Masson to throw the football. The Cajuns will continue to run the ball regardless of the stats; they must keep the Wildcat defense honest. Look for Chris Masson to scramble more and try to break containment on the defensive ends on role outs. For the Cajuns to be successful tomorrow, they must take advantage of the K-State defense when the safeties walk up in the box. Look for Luke Aubrey and Ladarius Green working the middle of the Wildcat defense and down the seam. Chris Masson must play within the offense and not force the ball. If Masson can distribute the ball around the field and the running game is effective enough to gain positive yardage, the offense will be able to sustain drives.

The Cajuns are in trouble if….
They come out on offense, turnover the ball and allow K-State to control the clock running the ball down the throat of the defense.

The Cajuns have a shot if…
The offense can come out run the ball with some success and distribute the ball to their play makers, sustaining drives. On the defense, the Cajuns must come up with enough stops and big plays to keep the K-State from controlling the clock and game.

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