Cajuns Face No.9 Tigers

Louisiana's Ragin'Cajuns travel to Baton Rouge to face No.9 ranked LSU Tigers in Baton Rouge Saturday night. The Tigers are heavy favorites leading up to kick-off, what must the Cajuns do to have a fighting chance?

LSU is unbeaten, but the Tigers have hardly looked dominant so far against Washington and Vanderbilt. LSU coaches, athletes and fans have circled this game on the schedule as one the Tigers should finally put all facets of the game together and win going away. The Cajuns have the vaunting task of having to play much better then did against Kansas State to have any chance in this game.

The Cajuns on Offense…..
The offensive line play will be key to the Cajuns success in moving the ball. The line has protected QB Chris Masson well in the first two games, allowing him time to progress through his reads and not giving up any sacks. The potential problem here is the speed of the LSU defense; neither Kansas State or Southern comes close to LSU's ability in the front seven to get up the field. While Kyle Pirtle and Jonathan Decoster are one of the better tackle tandems in the Sun Belt, they will not face a better group of athletes with speed and quickness this season then LSU's ends.

QB Chris Masson's mission will be to take what the LSU defense gives him and not force the ball. That will probably mean taking the short passing game, throwing screens, to backs and the TE's. Masson will also have to pull the ball down or keep it on the zone read to keep drives going. The Cajuns do not have the speed advantage at the skilled positions, but we need to go down the field occasionally to keep the Tigers honest.

Bottom Line
The Cajuns must do a better job of moving the ball consistently and cannot afford to allow LSU a huge advantage in time of possession. If they a repeat of the second half against Kansas State, this game will be over by half time.

The Cajuns on Defense…..
The Cajun defense has two clear objectives, get enough key stops against the LSU offense and create some turnovers. That will be easier said, then done Saturday night. In looking at the matchups against the LSU offense, the Tigers will have a clear size advantage at the wide-out positions against the Cajun cornerbacks. While Orkeys and Bentley can both run, Brandon Lafell, Toliver and Jackson hold a decisive height advantage. Neither is physical against the run and I look for the Tigers to test the Cajuns on the edges with the pass and run.

The Tigers will also have an advantage with TE Dickson matched up against the Cajun safeties. The Cajun safeties are not big and will have enough to be concerned about, providing over-the-top coverage against the Tiger wide-outs.

The Bottom Line
The Cajun defense needs to be aggressive with the front seven, understanding that the Tigers will have some big plays. Turning Antywne Zanders, Daylon McCoy and Grant Fleming loose at times to come after Jefferson and the running backs is a must. The defense will have to play with discipline and keep their assignments. Jefferson can hurt you will his legs, especially on the option.

Special Teams….

The Tigers are dangerous in the return game with Trindon Holiday. The Cajuns cannot allow the diminutive speedster to come up with big plays and shorten the field for the Tiger offense. Ortego will play a huge role this week, his rugby kicks will be important in the battle for field position. The Cajuns special teams have played well in the first two games, blocking one FG and several extra points. Special teams will once again play an important role for the Cajuns.

Bottom Line The Cajuns will also need a few big plays in the special teams units to have a chance Saturday night. Special teams must hold the Tiger return game in check and put pressure of the Tiger kicking game.

LSU Depth Chart


QB-9 Jordan Jefferson | 6-5, 220, So., 1V
12 Jarrett Lee | 6-2, 225, So., 1V
RB-32 Charles Scott | 6-0, 234, Sr., 3V
5 Keiland Williams | 6-0, 221, Sr., 3V
26 Richard Murphy | 6-1, 199, Jr., 2V
8 Trindon Holliday | 5-5, 161, Sr., 3V
WR-1 Brandon LaFell | 6-3, 206, Sr., 3V
86 Chris Mitchell | 6-0, 185, Sr., 3V
WR-80 Terrance Toliver | 6-5, 206, Jr., 2V
2 Rueben Randle | 6-3, 201, Fr., HS
FB-63 Richard Dugas | 6-1, 271, Jr., SQ
35 James Stampley | 5-10, 240, So., HS
TE-18 Richard Dickson | 6-3, 240, Sr., 3V
83 Mitch Joseph | 6-5, 275, So., 1V
OT-70 Ciron Black | 6-5, 322, Sr., 3V
76 Chris Faulk | 6-6, 316, Fr., HS
OT-78 Joseph Barksdale | 6-5, 315, Jr., 2V
75 Greg Shaw | 6-5, 301, So., SQ
OG-68 Josh Dworaczyk | 6-6, 281, So., 1V
72 Alex Hurst | 6-6, 324, Fr., RS
OG-65 Lyle Hitt | 6-2, 295, Sr., 2V
60 Will Blackwell | 6-4, 300, So., 1V
C-53 T-Bob Hebert | 6-3, 285, So., 1V
64 P.J. Lonergan | 6-4, 300, Fr., RS


DE- 95 L. Levingston | 6-4, 269, Jr., 2V
87 Chancey Aghayere | 6-4, 269, Fr., RS
DE-84 Rahim Alem | 6-3, 254, Sr., 3V
89 Lavar Edwards | 6-4, 265, Fr., RS
DT-97 Al Woods | 6-4, 311, Sr., 3V
91 Charles Alexander | 6-3, 298, Sr., 3V
DT-92 Drake Nevis | 6-1, 292, Jr., 2V
94 Akiem Hicks | 6-6, 301, Jr., JC
OLB-56 Perry Riley | 6-2, 245, Sr., 3V
22 Ryan Baker | 6-0, 221, So., 1V
OLB-11 Kelvin Sheppard | 6-3, 239, Jr., 2V
24 Harry Coleman | 6-2, 206, Sr., 3V
MLB-54 Jacob Cutrera | 6-4, 236, Sr., 3V
46 Kevin Minter | 6-1, 240, Fr., HS
CB-4 Jai Eugene | 5-11, 182, Jr., 2V
29 Chris Hawkins | 6-1, 182, Sr., 3V
CB-7 Patrick Peterson | 6-1, 211, So., 1V
17 Morris Claiborne | 6-0, 171, Fr., HS
S- 15 Brandon Taylor | 6-0, 191, So., 1V
37 Karnell Hatcher | 6-2, 207, So., 1V
S-3 Chad Jones | 6-3, 231, Jr., 2V
44 Danny McCray | 6-1, 206, Sr., 3V

Special Teams

PK- 30 Josh Jasper | 5-11, 160, Jr., 2V
38 Drew Alleman | 5-11, 185, Fr., RS
P-38 Derek Helton | 6-0, 188, Jr., JC
30 Josh Jasper | 5-11, 160, Jr., 2V
LS-85 Alex Russian | 6-5, 232, So., 1V
50 Joey Crappell | 6-2, 232, So., SQ
PH-38 Derek Helton | 6-0, 188, Jr., JC
12 Jarrett Lee | 6-2, 225, So., 1V
KR-8 Trindon Holliday | 5-5, 161, Sr., 3V
13 Ron Brooks | 5-11, 176, So., 1V
PR-8 Trindon Holliday | 5-5, 161, Sr., 3V
3 Chad Jones | 6-3, 231, Jr., 2V

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