Fontainebleau defensive end is "right there."

Fontainbleau DE Scott Korte has the football blood lines that college recruiters look for in high school athletes. As the fall recruiting period picks up, Korte remains open to all suitors.

"One thing I hear from every recruiter is that I'm ‘right there,' I'm real close to breaking out," explained an exhausted Scott Korte late Friday night. "They all say my potential is ‘right there,' and I need to break through."

To say that Korte, a 6'3" 240lb defensive end from Mandeville, has had a tough year would be an understatement. But talking to this young man evokes a clear sense of what's important.

"In five years I'll be graduating from college," explains Korte, "hopefully after playing football in college."

The senior currently has no written offers, but has visited UL's campus.

"The football facilities are very impressive," Korte said of his visit to Lafayette. "Louisiana has made some improvements, I walked through the indoor facility… it's very nice. It's important to always be able to practice I think.

"I still have interest from Arkansas and Ole Miss. My dad played at Arkansas, and I went to their camp. I hurt my knee at the camp, so I never attended the Ole Miss Camp."

While Korte's knee injury may have chilled offers, he's quick to state that he has former team mates at UL football roster.

"I'm friends with Ross Goodlett and Kyle Plouhar," said Korte. "I really want to stay close to home… that's important to me.

"LSU sent me a letter, but that was because my brother played there… they haven't really kept in touch," added Korte. "I could go to Southeastern or Nicholls, especially Nicholls, but I'm hearing from UL and Louisiana Tech and I'm just waiting for an offer."

Korte's Bulldogs (1-6) have lost 6 consecutive painfully close ballgames.

"We're close," explained a frustrated Korte. "I just wish that our offense could feed off of our defensive intensity. Our offense doesn't show me any emotion, even when we do well.

"We're a team and we're close… we've lost some close ones."

Korte plays defensive end primarily but will move to nose guard.

"I don't play any other sports, just football," explained Korte. "I come off of the ball first, that's my strength. I always control what goes on in front of me. My only weakness is my knee, and that's only getting better."

Korte scored a 22 on his ACT and plans to take the test again. His last timed 40 yard dash was 4.70, which he insists will improve. He squats 525 and benches 290.

Korte is a solid run defender and an extremely disruptive pass rasher. He displays excellent hand placement, possesses solid quickness, and has a motor that won't quit when he's in pursuit.

Korte's father Steve, who was an All American at Arkansas, played offensive line for the New Orleans Saints with Mandeville senior offensive tackle Matt Dombrowski's father Jim. Jim currently coaches the offensive line for the Skippers. Dombrowski and Korte had more than few collisions Friday night.

"It's funny," laughed Korte, "we talked about the fact that I'd be going up against Matt most of the night… I thought it was neat."

One thing is for sure… 2009, a tough year for Korte is going to end. As a senior, his high school playing days will come to an end.

"I'm lucky," Korte says. "Our head coach Mike Matern is also our defensive line coach. He teaches me something new every day.

"I've been lucky," Korte repeated.

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