Louisville will appeal Dieng decision

Louisville's 2010-11 roster took another hit with the NCAA's decision to rule freshmen Gorgui Dieng academically ineligible this season. Rick Pitino said Tuesday that UofL will appeal the decision and talked about the basis for Dieng's challenge.

The hits continued Tuesday for Louisville's 2010-11 basketball team.

With recruits Justin Coleman and Roburt Sallie already declared academically ineligible for the coming season, Rick Pitino announced that Louisville's top recruit, 6-foot-9 center Gorgui Dieng, also was recently ruled academically ineligible this season.

"Gorgui is ineligible and obviously we've appealed it because he was told by the principal at the school in Huntington that all his courses had been approved by the NCAA," Pitino said. "He's done everything that everybody has told him. He's an excellent student and speaks 4 or 5 languages. He has done all the right things."

What is the basis of Dieng's appeal to the NCAA?

"We're hoping to win this appeal based on the principal being told that everything was according to oil," Pitino stated.

Pitino said he didn't know when Louisville would hear back from the NCAA about Dieng's appeal for eligibility. "I hope it's soon just for the welfare of the young man and what he's going to do with his life," said Pitino.

"They've waited so long on this, what are they going to tell him? Go back to Africa?" Pitino said. "They didn't give him an option. The principal was told that everything was fine with his grades."

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